Sunday, April 18, 2010

Live Blogging the Junos

I love the Junos.  I am a huge fan of Canadian music, so I never miss watching this event.  And I realllllllly want to go next year in, if anyone has a hook up, don't forget about me!

Anyway, I'm going to try my hand at live blogging the event.  Check out the updates after the jump!
7:00 - Show started off with Classified with his Oh Canada rap.  Love it!

7:05 - Michael Buble looks dapper as usual, singing I Just Haven't Met You Yet

7:10 - Barenaked Ladies!  Showing Steve Page they can hold their own without him.  Have always loved them, and am hoping they will be as successful as they have been.  Cut to shots of Justin Bieber and Michael Buble re: the battle for pop album of the year.  Then a shot of Drake. Love him.

Single of the year: I Just Havent't Met You Yet - Michael Buble.  Sad because the Tragically Hip were also nominated.   

7:17 Justin Bieber performance featuring Drake - Baby.  I don't get why everyone loves Justin, but good on him for doing what he's done.  And I love Drake.  He made the performance watchable :)

Cut to Kim Stockwood and Damnait Doyle hosting the street party.  Kim Stockwood looks great.  Eventually they bring out STEREOS, handing out Group of the Year.

Group of the year: Metric.  Sad once again because Tragically Hip lost.

7:30 Danny Fernandes...who can't read the teleprompter.  And a contest winner.  She is doing wayyyy better than Danny.

Fan Choice Award:  Michael Buble.  With those choices, is anyone surprised?  Really?
Buble is adorable though, I'd like to be his friend! 

7:32 George Canyon introducing Johnny Reid.  Country.  Don't know who these guys are LOL, but I'm sure they're well known amongst those that listen to country.

7:37 Nikki Yanofsky. She looks really cute.  Able to read the teleprompter with enthusiasm.  Promoting

7:42 Shiloh.  Who?  Apparently named an emerging star from Billboard Canada.

7:43 Billy Talent singing St Veronica.  I go through phases where I like and dislike Billy Talent.  I happen to like this song.

7:47 K'Naan.  Giving Kudos to Bryan Adams for his contribution to causes, and for his donation of studio space/time for the Young Artists for Haiti Wavin' Flag video.  Montage time, showing all the good he's done (events like Live Aid, and raising money for breast cancer through his photography).  Classy guy. But stupid volcano kept him away. Taped message isn't the same.

7:55 Lights and Dallas GReen.  Lights seems so excited to be there!  And Dallas Green is a star.  Winner of the award alst year.

Songwriter of the Year: K'Naan

7:58 Back to the Streetparty...with skeleton gold medalist Jon Montgomery!! Doing his auctioneering thing!

8:00 To Amy Milan (who?) announcing the Great Lake Swimmers.

8:08 Jully Black and minister John Moore = giving out the New Artist of the Year award.

New Artist of the Year is Drake!!!! Best win of the night!!

8:10 Trews representing!!  Announcing Metric's performance.

8:15 Someone who's name I didn't get.  Talking about awards given out last night.  Many of which should be given out tonight Rock Album of the Year.  Canada's rock scene is huge.  and Artist of the Year.  That not live worthy??? This is the one thing about the Junos that really irks me. Make the show 3 hours and focus on what the masses like.

8:23 Great Big Sea!!!  Can't wait to see them this summer.  Announcing Blue Rodeo.  Juno staple.

8:28: April Wine tribute!

8:38 DRAKE!!!!!!!!!!

Drake totally killed it.  Should have closed the show.

8:42 Streetparty with Deadmau5.  Damnait Doyle announced Hedley.

Rap Recording of the Year - DRAKE!!!!!!!

8:50 Alexandre Bilodeau giving out album of the year.  Such a cutie. Looks great!

And the winner is....... Michael Bubble?  Lol.  Bilodeau should be able to pronounce Buble.  But that's ok.  

To close the show, we have K'Naan performing Wavin Flag, with Nikki Yanofsky and Justin Bieber and a bunch of others. Great way to end the show.
Overall, this was a great show.  We have some awesome Canadian talent.  I would like to see the show be longer, with some more key awards given out live.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my first live blogging event! 

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  1. Well-described! I feel like I watched it now :)