Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Men's sledge hockey is amazing!

For two and a half weeks in February, we were inundated with Olympics coverage on all channels.  And I loved it!  Then it all suddenly stopped and I was in major Olympic withdrawl.  No longer did I see people wearing their red mittens from HBC, no longer could I watch people hurdle down an ice slide head-first.   I was quite sad.  

Then the Paralympic games started with little fanfare.  The Opening Ceremonies were broadcast in real time only in BC, and the channels had been broadcasting Olympics 24/7 were back to regularly scheduled programming.  This was quite disappointing to me. 

I've caught video replays of some of the events...our Paralympic Athletes are amazing!!  I can't ski for the life of me, and Brian McKeever can do it while being visually impaired.  And he does it great (enough to have qualified for the Olympic team, only to not be allowed to make history, but whatever). 

The highlight, however, for me so far has been Sledge Hockey.  Yesterday, Dan told me TSN would be broadcasting the Team Canada vs Norway game.  The caveat, of course, was the crappy 11:30pm EST broadcast time (despite having scheduled the team Canada ice hockey at games prime times).  But, I toughed it out (for the first period at least) and IT.WAS. AMAZING.

These guys (and gals, potentially, as they are allowed to play on sledge hockey teams) are amazing to watch.  It is a fast-paced game, where the players exhibit a high level of athletic skill.  There are hits like in ice hockey, and boy, some of this hits are hard.  The shots are great and I can't believe how fast these players make it from one end of the ice to the other using their uper body.

But what makes it even more exciting is seeing on of Thornhill's own on the ice - goalie Paul Rosen.  He's definitely making Thornhill proud.  And the rest of our Paralympic athletes are making Canada proud.

Edit: Sadly, we won't be winning gold, after a heartbreaking loss to Japan (!!!).  But I'm confident we'll still take home bronze. 


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