Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Review: Anoush Middle Eastern Cuisine

Address: 250 Dundas St W, Toronto

After having played Eric Cartman's version of Poker Face on Rock Band (it's the most amazing Rock Band song download ever), and staying up to watch the first period of the Team Canada sledge hockey game vs Norway (previous post), I could not get out of bed this morning in enough time to make lunch.  Normally I'm good about grabbing leftovers or making something, I swear. 

So, come lunch, I decided I'd go to Anoush, since it is on the main floor of my office building.  They opened a couple of months ago, and I had been there once before.  My first experience was great.  I had the falafel plate dinner, which consisted of four large falafel balls, choice of rice or potato and choice of salad. Except I didn't need to choose, they gave me some of everything!  It was fresh, hot food for less than $10, but wayyyy too much for me to have at lunch.

This time, I decided to have the falafel sandwich.  They also have a promo on right now where you get a free cup of lentil soup or can of pop.  I grabbed the can of pop because I was too warm for soup.  My total was $5.07.  Lunch, in Toronto for $5?  Pretty good, right?

my half-eaten, delicious grilled falafel wrap

The falafel was huge (from the picture above, you should be able to see that 2/3 the falafel is the length of a pop can. plus it's 2 inches thick!).  There were 4 falafel balls inside a whole wheat pita smeared with hummus.  I topped it with lettuce, tomato, onion (no meetings today!), tabouleh, pickled cabbage, pickles, and tahina.  Then they grilled the sandwich on a panini press which was a lovely touch.

The staff (including whom I think is the owner, too) working behind the counter are really nice.  They actually smile at you, despite it being go-go-go during the lunch hour.  I was there at 12:45 and it was busy.  If you want, you can eat in (there are a few tables, and a counter with chairs), but it's a small space.

The next time I don't have time to make lunch, I will definitely go back.  It's inexpensive (cheaper than the fast food options in the area), fast and fresh food, which is not always easy to come by in this city.

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  1. I love falafel sandwiches. Very jealous that you're in close proximity to yummy, affordable Middle Eastern food at lunch! I am in proximity to a vending machine with beef patties, and not much else.