Sunday, March 21, 2010

Movie Review: Remember Me (SPOILER ALERT!!!)

I went to see "Remember Me" tonight.  Spoiler alert ahead, so stop reading if you haven't seen it yet (or keep reading if you don't care).
I was so excited to see this movie.  Robert Pattinson makes me crush as if I'm a 12 year's kind of insane.

Our first glimpse of RPatz was in the "Twilight: Eclipse" preview.  A great way to get us psyched up for the feature.  But, for all the anticipation and excited, this movie left me feeling disappointed and sad.

The movie opens up with a scene from Ally's (the female protagonist) childhood in 1991.  Her mother soon gets shot by a couple of muggers while Ally watched.  Ally's father Neil (played by Chris Cooper) soon comes to the scene and we see he's a cop.  It was a pretty depressing opening.  The movie takes place 10 years later in 2001.

We then get to know Tyler Hawkins (played by Rob Pattinson).  He's somewhat depressed, with family issues. His brother killed himself, his father is a big wig executive who doesn't care about his kids (Tyler and his little sister Caroline, played by the lovely and adorable Ruby Jerins, who also plays younger daughter Grace on "Nurse Jackie"), and his best friend Aidan (played by Tate Ellington) is a real goofball.  Tyler is a chain-smoking (he really makes it look sexy), tortured soul who writes to his dead brother in his diary. Yeah.

Tyler and Aidan go out to a bar one night and are walking through an alley at the end of the night when they see a fight break out.  Ever the selfless individual, Tyler goes to try to break it up and it gets worse. Cops are called (one of whom was Ally's dad, natch), handcuff everyone and someone comes to Tyler's rescue saying he was trying to break it up.  Him and Aidan are let go, and Tyler tries to convince Neil of the innocence of a couple of the people, but Neil is having none of it.  Not content with going his own way, Tyler fights with Neil and then he's thrown in jail.

After their night in jail, Aidan wants to get back at the cops and discovers Neil has a daughter at their college. Eventually when they're at school (where Tyler just audits classes), they spot Ally and Aidan goads Tyler into asking her out.

From there we get into a melodramatic love story rife with angst that is normally left for teens.  There were certainly some steamy scenes, and amusing drunken antics with Aidan.  Ally's dad is over protective so they fought and Ally runs away to live with Tyler.   Neil finds out who Tyler is, goes to his house and then Ally finds out the reason Tyler dated her in the first place. 

There is more melodrama in the movie when Tyler confronts his father for not caring about his sister.  Aidan convinces Ally to go back to Tyler so she does.  Tyler's sister gets picked on by the girls at school, so Tyler goes to the school, confronts the girls (the are 11), gets violent, throws a fire extinguisher through the classroom window and goes to jail.  Dad bails him out, and they start to get closer and Tyler gets less angry.  They make an appointment for Tyler to meet his dad at his office the next morning. 

SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT. If you didn't stop reading already and don't want to know how it ends, STOP READING :p

Tyler goes to the office, he's all contented and gets a call from his dad saying he's running late because he was taking Caroline to school (awwwwww). We see a shot of Tyler staring out a window on the 80-something'th floor, and then it dawns on us that this is September 11. We see a montage of shots of his family members, Aidan and lastly Ally on that day, watching the planes hit and coming to the realization the Tyler was in one of the twin towers.  The movie ends with shots after some time has passed, and then the movie ends.  Depressing. 

What started out as a decent movie was ruined by a really awful ending.  It was completely pointless to include September 11.  The only saving grace was Robert Pattinson and Ruby Jeris.  They had great chemistry as big bro and little sis, and Ruby delivered her character really well.  And as long as Robert Pattinson is in a movie, Ill go see it, and when the movie is crap, I'll just think about how smokin hot he is.

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