Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Review: Wild Wing (Eagle's Landing)

Review: Wild Wing (Eagle's Landing location)
Address: 1480 Major Mackenzie Dr, Vaughan

Tonight, I went to Wild Wing for, well...wings.  Having been to other locations before, I was excited to try this new one out, despite previously bad experiences at another new location (the Disera Drive location).  Our normal go-to Wild Wing is on Bayview, north of Green Lane, but for convenience's sake, we decided on this new location.  We certainly were not disappointed, and agree with our friends that this is the best location we've been to.

To start, we got an order of Naked fries, with their Mystery spice (roasted garlic and red pepper).  Their fries are fresh cut, and thick.  

Next, we had wings, obvs. 

Wild Wings is known for their selection of flavours.  They have dry wings, saucy wings, naked wings and even chocolate wings (I promise to try them one day).  My favourite wings are the saucy "Some Beach".   This is one restaurant where I will not be adventurous.  I always get the same thing.  And I'm ok with that.  If you try "Some Beach", you will feel the same way.  They are covered in GarPar (Garlic Parmesan dressing), creamy dill and medium wing sauce.  For an  extra kick, I get them made with hot sauce instead of medium. See picture below (I forgot to take a pic when the wings first came, so halfway through, I wet-napped my hands, and grabbed my BlackBerry).

saucy goodness

How good do those look?  Anyway, they were delicious as usual.  And as a bonus, Tuesdays are Typical Tuesdays, where you get 1 and 1/2 pounds for the price of a pound. Not as good a deal as say, $0.49/lb, but the wings are way better and massive!

The service was great.  The restaurant was pretty empty, and there was only one server.  But, once it got a bit busier, she was still pretty attentive.  The kitchen cooked the food very fast, everything came out nice and hot, and our orders were correct!  And, as usual, my favourite thing about Wild Wing is the wings stay crispy to the very end!

The not so good was that we had to pay $0.75 for dipping sauce. Considering that dipping sauce costs the restaurant close to nothing, it should be gratis any night of the week (at least for the first one).  So, I just didn't get any.  And as you can see from the picture...I really didn't need any!

I will definitely head back to this location, and maybe one day, I'll try the chocolate wings!

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  1. We've tried two of the chocolate wings. I don't remember the names of either, but one was a chocolate raspberry and I think the other was something Thai? Both were shudder worthy. Don't bother. I love the Snakebite flavor, and the one that mixes dill pickle with hot. Oh, and the naked wings that taste like KFC. As shameful as they make me feel for digging in with gusto, they always land on our table. Hence my affection for the sampler platter, because god forbid that I would have to limit myself to one flavor. I mean, c'mon, did we lose a war or something?!